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Tips to get the most out of crowd-fundraising

Here are some tips to increase the success of your fundraiser:

1. Make sure you have a good fund picture, and have a great call to action, a short sentence on why people should donate at the top.

2. Make a numbered list detailing how you will use the funds. Describe carefully where the funds will go. Don't be afraid to pay yourself for hard work.

3. Set a goal-level depending on the goals of your fund, are they very big leaps - or are they small steps?

4. Don't just make it about your goal. If you really want a big boost, try to include some feedback into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, such as increasing adoption or educating others on how to use Bitcoin Cash.

5. Explain how others will benefit from your efforts. Perhaps you may want to pay some of the funds forward to help others or a cause.

6. Think of some terms or tags that will help with search engines too. Try to include those in your fundraiser info.

Those are the main ones, if you need more help, be sure to



Start your own BitcoinCash Crowd-fundraiser for FREE!

(No web-host required, zero fees, you fully own it, no registration with AKARI
not centralized, fully customizable, fully open-source, completely free)
using AKARI-PAGES. The catch? Some setup required, but it is very easy:

Build your fundraiser for free using the Online Builder

A. Free Download APB
B. Modify files (Builder)
C. Decentralize!
Upload all your files to * your own * webhost or free github pages!

Read the

or see more instructions here.

Why use AKARI-PAGES Builder and

* Global currency means global donations!

* Donations/payments are made directly into your own wallet fund. There is no skimming and no middlemen!

* Donations can come in from anywhere in the world, directly to your wallet.

* There are no fees from AKARI. The tools are completely free and open-source, fully reviewable.

* Share the pay/donate link directly. You can add a pay/donate button to your website, blog, or elsewhere. See for examples at the bottom of the site.

* You can set step-goals. Start small and go bigger, or run an open-ended campaign!

* There is no signup required by AKARI or! To host 100% for free, you can use protonmail + github combo.

* Secure payments: AKARI-PAY uses a script that secures donation payments using a unique anti-tampering method.

* You completely own your own page, is merely a highlighting/showcase website to help you get started.

* Completely customize your page: Add images, links, custom logo, link to videos, change the colors, add your info, add links to , etc.

* The builder makes it really easy, you don't even need a text editing program!

* AKARI will help promote your fundraiser on the spinner and elsewhere.

* Get help using the Builder on Reddit, message AKARI!

* Read more about AKARI-PAY + PAGES here!

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